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The Big Whale of a Mess

Today, Mom asked me to pick up in my room, again! But it’s MY room! Can’t I decide what to do with it? She told me that she only reminds me once a week, on Saturday nights. The rest of the time it’s up to me how I would like my room kept (or seen when my friends come over to visit.). When Mom comes around telling me to pick up my clothes from the floor, I feel like Jonah is reliving in me. God told him to warn the people of Ninevah for being bad – Mom told me to pick up my clothes. I do see a little resemblance, just slightly, mainly the fact that I really didn’t want to and neither did Jonah.

The reason I don’t want to? Well, the next time I get dressed or look for clothes I’m afraid they’re just going to be on the floor all over again, so what’s the use? I feel like running far, far away, looking for another home that won’t have me pick up my clothes or maybe better yet, where they have some modern invention that picks them up for you. Is that even invented? If not, there’s some business plan for me when I get older. I bet it will change the world, especially those other 11 year olds like me that don’t like picking up after themselves.

I stepped into my room and I saw it! The whale of a mess! Now I really felt like Jonah but this time with the WHALE! And it was out to get me, cause it was bigger than I expected. And it took me way longer than I wanted, which made me miss my drawing and doodling time.

I wonder if it would be a bit ­easier to pick up right away after I get dressed, put my dirty laundry in my hamper, put away my clean laundry, as soon as I get it from the line… I don’t know. But I might give it a try. After all, Jonah did feel sorry after his trip in the whale. I should learn from my messy whale lesson as well and see if there isn’t some other better way to deal with my stuff around my room and all over my floor.

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My Sneaky Slime Stories

I have to let you in on a little secret, but my mom’s not supposed to know about it. You see, she doesn’t like me doing this because it makes a mess and I really don’t want to clean it up. Then it stays on my windowsill or my desk for a few weeks and usually hardens and ruins something. I started out telling her that it’s my science project from school. But that didn’t work for too long. “You’ve got to be learning something else besides this in science class.” she told me. Yup, we do! And then I told her it’s because my friends can’t do it at their home, so they come and do it here with me. “And why can’t they do it at their home?” she asks. Not sure but I’m guessing it’s for the same reason that my Mom doesn’t want me to do it either.

Can you guess what it is? SLIME! Slippery, slimy, very sticky and sometimes stinky slime. That’s why we like to add some of Mom’s soaps or shampoos in there. But after a few empty bottles left in the bathroom, she was not happy. I’ve had to do it in secret now. So I’ve tried a few hiding places. Behind my desk, under my bed or behind my curtain, on the windowsill. Why does she always seem to come in the room and need me when… when I’m in the middle of it. Yikes! She’s been okay with it now, but she hasn’t helped me clean it up anymore. I guess that makes me think twice if I really want to get into this sneaky slimy mess. My friends don’t clean it up. They leave just before it’s time to do so. I don’t blame them at all. But at the moment, it’s the most exciting thing to do. Mixing powders and liquids and gels and colors and getting something so slippery and slimy as the end result. That’s a real science project if you ask me.

I could grow up being a scientist or something. It’s a useful skill, making something out of what seems to be so nothing. I know, Jesus does that with me. I’m just a little silly thing sometimes but He uses me to be a blessing to others. That’s a big thing!

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My Cooking Inventions

My Mom said I could cook whatever I wanted, as long as I clean up after myself. I quickly borrow one of Mom’s computer screen (she’s using the other one but sometimes she doesn’t mind me watching something on the one she’s not using at the moment). She doesn’t do that all the time otherwise she gets too easily tripped off watching them with me, hee. But it kind of depends on what she’s working on. She can’t write while I’m watching, but sometimes she’ll draw or color, which gives her something to listen to at the same.

Anyway, this time a cooking program popped up, from one of the websites Mom had visited earlier in the day. And because I had the right ingredients, I decided to try it. Here I go! Mom even comes to join me as she’s so interested in this one! I blend up some peanuts, I add in some dates, first making sure you have the right dates, not the dates from the calendar which I tried when I was very young. Don’t ask me what happened there. After the peanuts (or any other kind of nuts you want to use instead) and the dates (without the seeds), I added in some cocoa powder and a dab of water to get the right consistency, not too dry but not liquid either. I got it just right to be able to roll them up into little balls. Then I dipped them in more crunched up nuts and put them in the fridge to keep cool.

Dad, Mom and some friends that we shared them with adored them. I do like trying out new cooking inventions, especially when I have to come up with something myself. I didn’t have hazelnuts so I used peanuts instead. Does that mean I made up my own recipe? I should see how many recipes I can alter with my own ideas. But I’ll just let you know of the ones that work.

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Birthday outing failed

We’d planned this outing for a month. It was all set. The weather was going to be great. No rain! We had booked up the date and all there was left to do was wait. Wait! And wait some more. I counted the days or more like the minutes. I couldn’t help waiting. Have you ever waited for your birthday or for Christmas? You get the picture, right? You see, it was for my birthday. What could be better than that? We would go on this amazing park adventure, where you touch the animals, feed the animals, climb trees, walk barefoot on different paths, rocky, wet, poky, fiery… So many other things I can’t even tell you about here. I’ll tell you once I’ve done it.

But you can’t believe what happened? My brother has to decide to get sick with the tummy bug, the night before leaving!!! He probably purposely ate something bad, to get sick and throw up all night so that he would be too tired to go today. Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean to, but he could have picked any other day to get sick but this day. It’s a bummer, not getting to do what you had planned to do. Mom even got a special snack and special sandwich bread and some ham, so we could have a special picnic. Looks like I’m getting myself deeper and deeper into a really sad pit of sobs. Let me climb out of it.

Okay, we did get to enjoy our special picnic foods today, even though we didn’t go on the outing. I got to have some special mommy time, since we had the time for it. Dad even took me swimming to the pool, to do something “out of the norm”. I could enjoy an ice-cream and a special snack without a tummy bug. I bet Brother didn’t enjoy his day as much as I did, so I’d better not make him feel too bad, right?

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My Packing Spree

“A full paged list of things to bring?” But we’re only going for 2 days. Mom agreed with me on that one. Neither of us could quite understand why we had to bring 5 pairs of clothes, 4 socks, 4 panties, 2 jackets, 4 pairs of shoes… you get the idea. I guess we will find out tomorrow but now I’d better get started. It will take me forever to pack all this. I only have this afternoon to do it as we’re leaving early morning. First things first! I need something to put all my stuff in. You know, those box looking things that have wheels, that are a bit bigger than a bag because did you notice the list? I can’t remember the last time I even used one, imagine that? Yes, a suitcase!! Usually I like packing things into my backpack or duffel bag, but not big enough this time. Extra measures call for extra luggage.

I laid out, on the floor, in my room, in our house, in our town…. will stop that right there for fear it will get too long – my piles of clothes and everything I needed to pack into that suitcase. It took up my whole floor and Mom can’t say this time that it was a mess. No, for it was my packing plan. All this “mess” would soon make it into the suitcase.

An afternoon later, all was set and I was ready for a good nap, or a good night of sleep. The next morning, I proudly walked with my suitcase and backpack, ready to greet my friends who were also making their way to school. The bus hadn’t arrived but I said bye to Mom. I didn’t really need her anymore (after she helped carry my suitcase) cause now I was with my friends. All the girls had these pretty colorful suitcase. All I had was a plain black one. All the other kids had strong sturdy hard ones, I just had a soft one. “What’s on your suitcase?” asked my friend. “Do you have a cat?” another one asked. “Yes!” I answered proudly. “I guess I’m the only one who brought “my pet” along on this trip!” A black suitcase with a white cat in the house… you get the pretty picture. It made me think of her and home, and my family back home. Always great memories!

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Our Family Fun nights

As promised, I will tell you about our family nights. It’s not as complicated as it seems. Just pay attention to the name. Night – because it happens at night, well not at night but evening till night. Family – it’s because we do it as a family. If one of us is not there, it’s not family night. If one of us is sick, we pros pone it to another evening. It’s something we do together because that’s what makes it special. Even though I don’t always get along with my brother, Family night just seems to erase all those things we were upset at each other for, the week, the day or hour before. And we couldn’t have family nights without Mom’s yummy dinners. Our Friday family tradition is pizza dinner. Mom comes up with lots of crazy ways to make pizza. Whole, in shapes or pieces, folded in half, veggie pizzas, sardine pizzas, bean, broccoli, eggplant or egg pizza. You name it and Mom’s tried it, almost. I won’t say they all succeeded in being our favorites, but she’s quite good at it. There’s at least one thing we like on the pizza. Melted cheese!!!

After dinner, we listen out for our next instructions for the evening. Usually we all like to write it down, though Dad prefers not to. He’s got a brain big enough to fit all the games he wants to play that evening, without having to forget about other important things that are already on his mind. Mom writes down her plan, I think just to give her an excuse to draw doodles and decors around it. I write it mine down using the most colors possible. And Brother… well brother writes it down plainly. Family nights are different every time because we take turns planning them and we’re all so different. But that’s the best part of it. Dad, Mom, Brother and I all get a turn to plan the activity, prepare the snack and decide how late we get to stay up. Oops, but it is late. I do have to go to bed. Good night then. I’ll have to finish my activity tales tomorrow.

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My Birthday Day

Today was my birthday! Yay! But nay for the longest school day of the week. Looking on the bright side, as that’s what I’ve been taught, it happened to fall on a Friday this year, the night of our family activity. Yay again! Now what could be better than that?

If you don’t know what our family nights are like, well… too bad. But all I can say is that you’re missing out. I’ll have to tell you about it one day, but for now, for today, it’s my birthday and that’s all you’re going to hear about. A nice big bowl of cereal to start out the day, with yogurt and cut up fruits into it, just how I like it and best of all, Mom made it for me. Usually I never know what to eat for breakfast so sometimes I just skip it. But I do get a feeling of starvation and sometimes pain when my tummy tells me it’s hungry but I have to tell it to sit still in class for another 2 hours. No fun. But not today!

Mom filled my bowl with all those things she knows I like. Thanks Mom! Then for lunch, she changed the menu to chicken instead of fish which is what we usually have on Friday. But she knows it’s not my favorite. A double thanks, Mom! Back to school after lunch and then home 3 hours later. Mom took me out for a snack I could choose and then we did some drawing together. Triple thanks, Mom. She took every moment while I was at home to spend it with me. That was almost as good as having a friend over.

But I could hardly wait for family night, this time prepared by Dad. Pizza dinner then some of my favorite desserts, home made banana ice-cream and coco chipped cookies. “Please make those again!” I told Mom. Fun games and relays, dress up races, balloons, laughs, dancing, jokes and stories from when we were younger. What could be funner? Quadrillion thanks, Dad! “Can we celebrate my birthday all over again next week? Since it’s my turn to plan family night, I get to choose what I want, right?” I asked. “It’s all yours!” they said. I do like the attention on ME, though I don’t know if all those games will be as fun if I lead them. I’ll see how I feel after turning 11 years and 1 week. We ended the evening by watching videos of each September month since I was born. I think it’s God’s turn to be thanked, for amazing family memories I’ll never forget!

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My little intro

Hello there!

I’m 11 years old and I like clothes, shoes, pretty things, decorations, my Bible and a whole lot more. I enjoy drawing, doodling, cooking and writing. That’s why you’re hearing from me today… Because I like to write and I thought that maybe I could do it right here, with YOU. That way you could get to know a bit about me and I can also practice expressing myself a little better. I will share some of my thoughts, my highs, my lows and I’ll talk about all those fun things that go on (or don’t!) in my head.

There is so much changing in my world these days, both inside and out. A lot of it I still don’t quite understand and can’t figure out. But I think as time goes on, things will become a little clearer. At least I hope so.

Hey, thanks for being my friend today and for listening. Oops, I mean reading.