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F.U.N night

More here about our family night activities, because it’s the best thing of all! Some of our favorite activities so far have been: Crazy relays by Dad, a food hike by Mom (I’ll tell you more about that one later.) My balloon and drawing activities. We tell or read jokes, share real life stories in a made up sheet tent, we had trampoline games outdoors, picnic in nature, treasure hunts, hide and seek around the house, cooking contest (Mom did that one so that she didn’t have to come up with a snack beforehand. Kind of cheating in my opinion), a walk to the store to choose our dessert together. Not a good idea because we couldn’t make up our mind on which ice-cream flavor to get. (It was my idea, heehee.) Board games, trying out Dad and Mom’s made-up games that sometimes work and sometimes don’t. We kind of help out with suggestions sometimes. I guess that could mean we create games together during our activity nights. And then we even have Brother’s games that always include some type of music or song writing, anything as long as there’s some music playing in the background or the game includes music somehow.

Oh boy, the list could get quite a bit longer but anyway, you get the idea. To sum it all up in one word it’s FUN!!! Family-United-Night! Or as I like to say “Family-Upside down-Night” because that’s when our other side comes out, our kind of crazy and silly side, really fun side. Especially Mom, you’d never guess she could make a silly face or dance like a duck. Dad at least sneaks out a little of that side once in a while when he has Daddy time with us. And the funniest is when Dad puts on an accent from another country and makes us all roll on the floor. Mom sometimes ends up in tears, from laughing so hard. We had to close the curtains the last time we did that, as some neighbor looking in would not understand what was going on. He might have thought we were meant to be in a crazy house or something.

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Girly Fun

I’m here again talking about babysitting. Well, sometimes I have one little girl and sometimes I have two at once. They’re sisters and adorable as can be. The older one, who is just 3, wants to do all the big girl things that I do, especially when I have just her to babysit. So today I decided we will have a beauty salon. It’s only on special rare occasions that I get to put on make up, but babysitting is one of those rare occasions, isn’t it? It’s almost as special as going to a wedding or someone’s birthday party. I’m not actually doing it for myself, but I’m really doing it for someone else. To her it’s called “dress up like a princess” or “becoming a queen”. Imagine if I had that for a job? I realized, after the make-up job, that I really did need more practice, especially if I wanted to ever do it on a princess or a queen. To confirm this, the little girl I babysat, ran to tell her mom with a big beautiful smile on her face, that she was becoming a clown princess. How’s that for a compliment?

After the make-up ordeal, that I realized needed way more practice on myself first, before I do it on anyone else, ever. I should ask Mom to let me do this make-up thing so that I can get better at it. It will be a little hard if I can’t practice doing it until I’m allowed to actually wear it. I’ll be as bad off as I am now. Or maybe…? Maybe she’ll let me do it on her. That’s a great idea!

So we put on make up and then we put on nail polish. The problem is that this little girl wants to do it all herself. I helped her with the make up thing, but the nail polish, well, she has to do it all by herself, she does! She gets close enough to her finger nails and toe nails, along with plenty of finger and toe of course, but it just makes her more colorful that’s all. I hope her mom won’t mind too much. It was enough with the “clown princess”. Later, I realized that her mom loved her no matter what she looked like. That reminds me of Jesus’ love for me. He cares about me even if I look like a clown face, not knowing how to put on make-up. He loves me for being me.

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I’m growing up

It’s baby sitting day! No, I’m not going to have a baby sitter watching over me making sure I eat my breakfast and do my homework and do other things besides watching you tube videos. I’m doing babysitting. No, I’m not sitting on a baby and a baby is not sitting on me. I’m not sitting next to a baby either. Who ever thought of calling it baby sitting anyway? It’s far from just sitting. I’m actually allowed to do almost anything with the two little girls I’m looking out for. And it’s more like running around trying to find the next activity that will keep them happy and occupied. I could start a new “baby running” trend.

We do tea set, water play, picking fruit from the garden, watering the plants, trampoline, building towers, drawing and painting and lots of messes along the way. I enjoy every part of it except when I have to clean up after they leave, that’s the worst. I wish a magic fairy would just come and put it all away.

For this baby sitting, Mom’s given me a few ideas of things that she did with me and my brother when we were young. She even has them on video and I’m allowed to watch them whenever I want, even when I’m not allowed to watch anything else. I think she thinks it’s good training for me. Now I’ve even started my own planner of ideas. This day I will do that activity, that day I will do this. But I realized that my planning is good but lasts only minutes. I need a giant of a list of a planner for these girls. They get bored after just 2 minutes.

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No Ice-cream

I got on the computer today. “…just for a little.” I told my mom. “I have a project I’m working on.” With an okay from mom, I enjoyed and took advantage of every minute to do my pretty background picture. But wait, what was it that I wanted to research? Oh yes, those Barbie princess dresses. And then there’s slime and pate-a-sel, and then more dresses and styles… The few minutes quickly turned to an hour and then another hour. Mom passed by and saw me still sitting at the computer. I quickly changed screens to show off my beautiful background picture I’ve been working on “for two hours now”. It can’t get much more beautiful after such a long time.” Mom commented. “It’s already lovely just like it is.” I add a few more touches of color to it and then decide to change the whole set of colors.

Mom gently reminds me that it’s time to get off the computer, but I can’t, I’m in the middle of two or three shows. I’ll just say that I’ve got to redo my background again now that I’ve changed it. Mom’s a bit dumb, cause she actually believes me. But really I’m continuing my shows. Shh

But I don’t feel too great about it either. My heart feels a bit uneasy because I know I’m not doing what Mom asked me to do. I do want her to trust me. Dad tells me that my leash is getting shorter now that I’ve gone too far with computer time.

My brother just picked up some ice-creams for dessert. I can’t wait, it’s such a hot day! “I’m sorry,” Mom says. “But no ice-cream for Dina.” What?!! Why?!! No way!!! Mom explained to me that it’s because I took too much time on the computer. Oh no. She found out. Or maybe she actually knew that I wasn’t just doing my beautiful background project. I try to plead with her and say that I’d rather have my ice-cream. I suggest another punishment instead. I’ll skip out on a whole week of computer and iPad time instead. “Are you sure?” Mom asks me. I heartily agree. I really want that ice-cream. Mom thinks I’m being a little hard on myself, but there’s nothing better right now that enjoying this ice-cream.

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More About my Cat

I told you about my beautiful gorgeous cat, but I forgot an important detail. Her name is Mimi. I would have called her Fluffy or Furball or maybe Cozy because she has a beautiful white fluffy coat. But thinking more of it and now living with her for the past 3 years, I think her name fits her just fine. Mimi kind of sounds like “Me, me” and that’s really almost all she thinks of anyway. See what I mean? Me, me, me…. If I could read her thoughts they might go something like this: Won’t someone feed ME? Me is hungry. Look over here, ME is here! I’m cleaning myself, ME I am. Let ME lick your bowl. Let ME finish your sip of milk. Won’t you give ME a snack? Let ME have some room on the couch. Give ME the biggest pillow…” I could probably go on all day about this MEME business.

But she’s a beautiful cat. Everyone that comes and visits mentions how she even fits into our house decor. She’s white and a tiny bit beige on the top of her nose. We have white walls and white chairs and a little bit of beige color on our throw pillows. Kind of perfect planning, isn’t it? My mom is really into decor and me too. I’ll tell you more about that later though. For now I’m trying to picture my cat to you.

She was tiny and cute and like my little baby at first. I learned a few things about cat-care, I did. Any time I saw a book on cats, I’d open it and read about them. I especially wanted to make sure that Mimi got the best of care and that she felt like the most loved cat ever. I think she does cause even to this day, she really has a nice personality. Even though she wants our food, all of the time, she’s not too demanding and she’ll come when we call her, she’ll still play a little and she loves our cuddles and pats.

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My New Cat

Mom and dad finally gave a YES for getting a cat. And it was the best Christmas present ever ever!!! The cutest white fluffy kitten, all for our very own. And best of all, I could dolly her up. I wrapped her up in blankets and rocked her to sleep in my arms. Then I took her for a ride in my dolly stroller (from when I was young). She loved that!! Once a day I dressed her up with my dolly clothes. My favorite outfit was this little flowery dress with a cute little bonnet. Of course she didn’t last too long with it on, until she wiggled her way out of the clothes, but sometimes she’d even fall asleep in it. This was the best doll of all for it was real.

I just didn’t like the part she wiggled out of my arms when she heard Mom cooking in the kitchen. That meant she’d be meowing for at least an hour until it was HER lunch time. For bedtime, Brother and I had to take turns sleeping with her but she usually preferred sleeping with him. Not fair. But maybe it was because I’d spend more time with her during the day. She probably felt she needed some bonding time with everyone in our family and since he was quite a bit more active during the day, the night suited well for her being with him. Dad and Mom usually slept with their door open until Mimi came along. Then they had to keep it closed because she’d wake them up in the morning sometimes as early as 5:30, meowing for food. She knew that mom was the chef in our house, so she always made sure to get her permission for food, even though it was usually Brother and I who ended up feeding her, or we were supposed to anyway.

I liked feeding her for the first few days but then it got boring having to do the same thing everyday. My brother fed him for a little longer than that, thank goodness. Otherwise she might very well be dead now. And finally, Dad and Mom had to take up the torch of feeding her because Brother also got bored of feeding her.

I’m just eternally grateful Mom hasn’t gotten bored of feeding us. Or even if she has, she keeps doing it anyways. I hope I can be a better mom to my kids when I have kids than to how I’ve been mothering my cat. Well, she’s just not mine fully, you see. So there isn’t as much incentive to taking care of her. My brother has his share of work to do too and since he’s older I think he should get more of the share. I can help play with her sometimes and rock her to sleep or let her have some space on my bed when she wants to relax there. That’s a big help already.

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I Miss my Clothes

“No, not that one!” I shouted. “No, not that one either!” Mom made three piles with clothes I had just tried on, that didn’t fit me anymore. One pile to throw away, with stains, holes and lots of wear. Another pile to give away, to someone who we knew could fit into them and appreciate them. A third pile for selling, what was still in good condition.

But I just wanted to KEEP all my clothes. I looked at photos from the past, when I was younger and I couldn’t help admire all those beautiful dresses I was wearing. “What happened to that shirt, Mom?” or “Where did that dress go, that I loved so much?” She told me that we had either given it away or sold it at a car boot. But why? Why do I have to part with all those clothes I got so attached to? Or that were so comfortable?

Mom told me that we just didn’t have space to keep everything, and if I couldn’t wear them anymore, what use does it do me anyway? I guess she had a point there. I tried on again some of those piled up clothes to sell or give away, tucking in my tummy or tucking in my butt. No, no use at all. I couldn’t help it that I’m just getting bigger and taller.

On one end, I do like that. I like that a LOT, cause now I can even borrow some of Mom’s clothes for special occasions. But on the other end, NO! I don’t like it at all, that I can’t fit into my loveliest clothes that I would keep forever if I could. Especially those special occasion ones that didn’t happy very often. I turned 11 this year and that’s not a kid anymore. I’m officially a real preteen and I joined middle school. That means I have the right to change some things about myself, right? So I decided that I will wear ALL my clothes, even the ones saved up for special occasions. Seeing my friends at school is a special occasion. Going out on a walk for an ice cream is a special occasion. Living LIFE is a special occasion. So I’ll just enjoy each moment and each of my pretty clothing as best as I can, when I can, before they get too small for me again!

Oh, back to those piles Mom made. It ended up being not too bad an idea. That way I could make some money to get new clothes. I emptied out my cupboard and got it ready to fill up again, after all. The giving pile, I remember when one of my cousins gave me her clothes when they didn’t fit her anymore. I really, really liked that because I got lots of clothes that we wouldn’t have thought of buying, just because it’s not like I really needed them, but they were just nice to have. Like 10 different dresses instead of just 3 or 4. Or 5 pairs of shorts when I only really got around to wearing 2-3 of them. “Well, okay!” I finally settled for Mom’s bright idea of the 3 piles. The stained or holy ones wouldn’t do anyone any good anyway, except to help fill up our trash can and make the garbage men happy that they were finally emptying a filled up can.

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Shoes, shoes, more shoes!

When I was 6 years old, Mom asked me to count up my shoes. We had planned to move house and needed to know how big a truck we needed for the move. And so I got going collection my shoes from around my room, around the house, under the couches, in Mom and Dad’s room, in my brother’s room, on the shoe shelf and anywhere else they could have escaped to. 10, 11, 12….15, 20, 21. 21 pairs of shoes!!! Of course that included my slippers, snow boots, rain boots, mountain boots and all that sort of thing. That’s when I realized that one of my pairs of shoes takes up exactly half the size of one of Dad’s. That probably means I can pass with double the amount of his, right? Or I could just tell my Mom I’ve got 10 pairs of shoes instead, counting by size.

Today I have a few less, not because I don’t like them anymore, but just because I’ve outgrown all those 21 pairs plus probably 21 or more so, since that time. I could find little pretty shoes just about at any car boot sale. But trying to find my size now, in the style or color and shape that I want is a whole lot more difficult. At three years old I was happy with whatever was pink. Then at 6, I liked anything black and shiny and that had a little heal. Now… now…. Wake up Dina!!! I like just any shoes that fit me and that I like! Do you get it?

Well, I’m actually a little more picky because I won’t go for just any pink shoes anymore. I want comfortable shoes, and shoes that will match the clothes I wear, shoes that will match and fit the occasion. One of my very favorite things to do with Mom is to go to the shop and check out the rows of shoes. They’re usually the same shoes that we check out every time but somehow I see them differently each time I go. I don’t think I ever have my eyes on the same shoes as the time before. Well, maybe they do change the aisles a bit, especially depending on the season, but the most of the time just don’t have the ones I want in the size I need them to be. Too bad!

Though, in a why it might be a good thing, cause otherwise I’d end up using all my pocket-money for shoes. This lets me be a little more choosy and a whole lot more patient.

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My Clean-up Routine

I have a hard time getting my room cleaned up all in one go. We have this thing in our family that if we want our movie night, our room must be picked up, dusted and vacuumed. Who ever thought up of that rule? Well, that’s off the subject right now, but it was definitely NOT me. I would have opted instead for the one who could have the most things on their floor and still be able to walk through without breaking anything, contest. I’d be sure to win every time! That’s quite the challenge, I think. I could even make it in the book of records.

But Dad and Mom have concocted up another way for me to get my room done. You see, I have a hard time doing it all in one go. It’s too big! Too overwhelming! I feel like I can’t even get started. “You need some courage to get started!” they tell me. Or “This will take lots of perseverance to get it done, but I know you can do it!” and on and on. I know all that stuff already. Well, now whenever I ask them something, if I need help for reaching something that’s high, or I want a special snack or maybe I want to watch something with Mom as we cuddle on the couch, or I’d like her to make my hair for a change… they ask me to clean up something in my room FIRST.

They like to use the words “…as soon as…” For example, as soon as you’ve cleaned your desk. As soon as you’ve made your bed. As soon as you’ve put away your clean laundry, etc, etc. etc. No matter how much I don’t like those word “as soon as” and it often makes me screech, it’s actually been kind of helpful because that way I get my room done little by little and that way it’s not too big and overwhelming.

I do have a little trick though and I don’t think they’ve noticed yet. Shhh. Don’t tell them. When they ask me to do my bed, I make it and pile whatever is on the bed, onto the desk or floor. If they ask me to do the floor, I put whatever’s there back on my bed. Or I move it to my desk. My little pile of stuff gets gently moved from place to place, but I can still honestly say I did my bed or my desk or the floor because I DID DO IT! Is that being deceiving? I know that’s not totally honest, neither really lying either. Mmmm. I’ve got to think about that one.

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Bedroom blues

Grandpa and Grandma are visiting today, for the weekend. I’m happy and excited, yet totally miserable too. It means I have to lend out my room. I opted to have the biggest room in the house, with a nice big double bed, bright airy windows and all that, but with it also came the downer of moving out when friends visit for the night. And this time, it isn’t just one night, it’s 3!!! Yikes! And guess where I get to sleep? In my parent’s closet. It’s a walking closet alright, and a tiny spot for me, well enough for my mattress, a fan, a lamp and a chair for my clothes and books. I know I’m petite but in a closet???

The last time someone visited, well, it was Grandma from Dad’s side of the family, she slept in the same bed as me. I’m too grown up for that. Or maybe she’s too old to sleep with me. Well, it was during winter and she did keep me warm, so I’ll give it an okay rating, at least for then.

But this sharing my room thing, though I don’t like the sound or the feel of it, so so much, What I do really like is when I get BACK my room, all to myself. I feel like a queen with a big giant bedroom on her queenly giant bed, especially after this mattress on the floor of my parent’s squishy closet situation. Missing out on the good for a little bit, actually helps me to appreciate it even more. Just like when we experienced the hot spring and summer months and all of a sudden it rains buckets full. It helped me appreciate this rain, when usually I’d moan and gripe about it. This time I went singing in the rain, for real. It poured and poured and I sang and danced under my 3 umbrellas. What a nice cool shower!