Brain stimulation

My husband and I were having a conversation this morning about the brain stimulation, and how in the world today, both for little ones and grownups, we are so overloaded with stuff that we don’t even seem have much time to think. If we are inactive for one minute, we feel we’re not getting something done. I found out that it’s actually the contrary. Keeping our minds always on the go, is counterproductive. It seems to stifle creativity and imagination.

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How do busy parents teach children good morals?

I was thinking myself today, how do busy parents have time to teach their children good moral character? If both parents are at work all day, their kids are at school, they come home, cook, clean and tend to daily business matters that need attention? When do they even find time in their busy day, to impart and teach good character traits? I don’t hold a degree in child psychology, but I have found out from simple experience, that we teach these traits, through our example.

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Positive influences to counter the negative

In writing children’s stories that focus on moral values and character traits, our goal is to help parents boost the materials available to help instill Godly characters.

I have all kinds of books on my children’s shelves, and I let them pick whatever they want to read from there. I wouldn’t add any books that I felt where not based on moral principles. However, it is becoming more difficult to find enough good material. And this was one reason we felt called to contribute towards that need.

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Kids solving their own problems

“Parents are often amazed to discover how capable and resourceful their children are when given the chance to solve their problems in their own way. All children will inevitably encounter problems of all shapes and kinds; that’s simply part of growing up. Through dealing with these challenges they learn problem-solving skills, which are essential to success in life. Kids have unbelievable and largely untapped potential for finding good solutions to their problems. It’s wise to invest time in helping your child develop his or her problem-solving skills.”

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The simple joys of life

As Ann Spence put it so well, when she said “Many people miss out on the simple joys of life because they’re so overly stimulated by a vast selection of visual or auditory attractions, that it can be hard to sit still and enjoy the simple things in life. Unfortunately, in today’s high-paced society, it has become a problem with children often stating that they’re bored, because they’re so accustomed to fast-moving stimulation of movies and computer games.”

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Focusing on what matters most

My daughter is having a rough morning, screaming, yelling, kicking her legs, feeling frustrated about getting ready for school. Or is it rather me having a rough morning?

I’m finally sitting in my office and taking a few minutes to cool down, while my husband offered to “handle” the situation. His patience far outweighs mine, especially on a morning like this, which actually happens quite often these days.

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