Birthday outing failed

We’d planned this outing for a month. It was all set. The weather was going to be great. No rain! We had booked up the date and all there was left to do was wait. Wait! And wait some more. I counted the days or more like the minutes. I couldn’t help waiting. Have you ever waited for your birthday or for Christmas? You get the picture, right? You see, it was for my birthday. What could be better than that? We would go on this amazing park adventure, where you touch the animals, feed the animals, climb trees, walk barefoot on different paths, rocky, wet, poky, fiery… So many other things I can’t even tell you about here. I’ll tell you once I’ve done it.

But you can’t believe what happened? My brother has to decide to get sick with the tummy bug, the night before leaving!!! He probably purposely ate something bad, to get sick and throw up all night so that he would be too tired to go today. Well, I’m sure he didn’t mean to, but he could have picked any other day to get sick but this day. It’s a bummer, not getting to do what you had planned to do. Mom even got a special snack and special sandwich bread and some ham, so we could have a special picnic. Looks like I’m getting myself deeper and deeper into a really sad pit of sobs. Let me climb out of it.

Okay, we did get to enjoy our special picnic foods today, even though we didn’t go on the outing. I got to have some special mommy time, since we had the time for it. Dad even took me swimming to the pool, to do something “out of the norm”. I could enjoy an ice-cream and a special snack without a tummy bug. I bet Brother didn’t enjoy his day as much as I did, so I’d better not make him feel too bad, right?

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