Bedroom blues

Grandpa and Grandma are visiting today, for the weekend. I’m happy and excited, yet totally miserable too. It means I have to lend out my room. I opted to have the biggest room in the house, with a nice big double bed, bright airy windows and all that, but with it also came the downer of moving out when friends visit for the night. And this time, it isn’t just one night, it’s 3!!! Yikes! And guess where I get to sleep? In my parent’s closet. It’s a walking closet alright, and a tiny spot for me, well enough for my mattress, a fan, a lamp and a chair for my clothes and books. I know I’m petite but in a closet???

The last time someone visited, well, it was Grandma from Dad’s side of the family, she slept in the same bed as me. I’m too grown up for that. Or maybe she’s too old to sleep with me. Well, it was during winter and she did keep me warm, so I’ll give it an okay rating, at least for then.

But this sharing my room thing, though I don’t like the sound or the feel of it, so so much, What I do really like is when I get BACK my room, all to myself. I feel like a queen with a big giant bedroom on her queenly giant bed, especially after this mattress on the floor of my parent’s squishy closet situation. Missing out on the good for a little bit, actually helps me to appreciate it even more. Just like when we experienced the hot spring and summer months and all of a sudden it rains buckets full. It helped me appreciate this rain, when usually I’d moan and gripe about it. This time I went singing in the rain, for real. It poured and poured and I sang and danced under my 3 umbrellas. What a nice cool shower!

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