A Baking Failure?

I have a little problem, I must confess. I can’t seem to follow any sort of recipe quite properly, or at least it just doesn’t seem to come out like I want it to. All the photos on the recipe books look amazing, just totally perfect. But why do mine never turn out that way. So, well, I just decided NOT to follow any recipe at all. That way I don’t get disappointing if it doesn’t turn out like the picture-perfect look in the recipe book. And guess what? Sometimes it really works! It works and it’s delicious and everybody loves it.

I remember the best cake I ever made was when Dad and Mom were unloading a gigantic truckload of books. Thirteen palettes of books to unload as they were moving their stock of books from one place to another. And so they had invited 3-4, or 5 people to come and help. Brother and I helped too. It just so happened that the day before I had gotten an inspiration to make a cake. Yes, I must wait for an inspiration before I set out on the journey of baking a no-follow-cake-recipe. I didn’t even have Mom right there, cause, well, she was busy with something else. So I had to figure it out myself.

I mixed up the usual ingredients that I think you put in a cake. Then I may have added something of my own accord but I don’t remember now what it was. Well, that’s the problem! I can never ever make the same thing twice. That’s what Mom says about her cooking too. Brother tells her that’s it’s the best meal of all and he begs her to make it again. She’s thankful for the apprecition but honestly says that it may be hard to match it exactly as she just put spices and stuff in, without measuring or following a recipe.

Oh, well, back to MY story. After everyone had unloaded the books, which took a few hours, they were tired and I think hungry too. So I brought over some juice and my made-up cake, which I hadn’t tasted yet. It was a bit worrisome, to be sharing a cake that I wasn’t sure turned out, with not just my little family, but with other guests too. Woah! But it was amazing! Everyone loved it and thanked me. I felt really proud of myself for trying something new all by my very own self. Just too bad that I’ve never been able to match that cake again. Only to think that maybe it could have won the Dina Records of 2018. I won’t remorse over what’s past. I’ll just be happy that I can try out some different made-up cake recipes that can be special in their own way. God made me unique too after-all. There’s only one of me!

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